Thursday, December 16, 2010

Canon 915: Even the Pope Doesn't Get It Yet?

In raising two Americans to the Cardinalate, Raymand Burke and Donald Wuerl, the Holy Father raises the question: Does he really "get it" regarding Canon 915?

Cardinal Burke has demonstrated, conclusively, definitively, that giving Communion to pro-abortion Catholics, including pro-abortion Catholics occupying public office, is "grave matter"--or, as lay people are more likely to say, "a mortal sin." (All the other conditions of a formal mortal sin being present.)

When asked recently to explain why so many bishops persist in giving Communion to pro-abortion politicians, Archbishop Burke gave one answer: corruption. None of the excuses such bishops have given hold any water. Primarily, they have claimed, falsely, that Canon 915 is a penal canon, and they therefore have the right to exercise discretion in imposing the "penalty" of denial of Communion. But Canon 915 is not a penal canon, and Cardinal Burke has demonstrated that it imposes a STRICT, GRAVE obligation.

That means, simply, an obligation which leaves one exactly two choices: obedience, or mortal sin. There is no third option, no matter how many in the hierarchy clearly wish to live under that illusion.

Truthfulness and charity require all Catholics who understand this issue to keep reminding bishops and priests of the truth that Cardinal Burke has made clear.

Cardinal Burke's original article on Canon 915:

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