Friday, June 18, 2010

Catholics and the Tea Party

   Quote(11) nullification
June 18th, 2010 | 5:45am
The proper response to Roe v. Wade, in accordance with Catholic teaching that a command to commit a crime must be disobeyed, is nullification. The governors, who are commanded by Roe to commit the crime of discriminating against a group of people by denying them the protection of the homicide laws, were and are required by Catholic teaching to disobey.

In April of 1973, Cardinal Krol, president of the NCCB, issued a statement to that effect.

"The bishops" have never again articulated what the Catholic Church's teaching REALLY requires of governors or any other government official with respect to Roe or abortion. What they HAVE done is give medals, honorary degrees, awards, speaking opportunities, lavish funerals, and Communion, to pro-abortion Catholics.

People who have been actual, active pro-lifers know that "the bishops" are marginal, shadowy, irrelevent figures as far as the pro-life movement is concerned.
 Written by Fr. Vincent Fitzpatrick

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if we'd be better off without the USCCB...

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