Tuesday, May 18, 2010

usccb's memo to a battered wife: no taking names!


Kevin Appleby, a spokesperson for the USCCB, said the organization works with who they can on each individual issue. [S]aid Appleby. “If we took names every time that a legislator disagreed with us and said we’re not going to work with them anymore, we wouldn’t be very effective.”

There's the problem. Get kicked in the teeth, come back for more. Get kicked in the teeth again, come back for more. Get kicked in the teeth, come back for more. To do otherwise would be "taking names."

In order to do his job AS A BISHOP, a bishop MUST "take names." I.e., a bishop must take note of the fact that a prominent Catholic has become MANIFESTLY WICKED. When a MANIFESTLY WICKED Catholic parades up to receive Communion, a blow is struck against the Church.

What IS a Catholic bishop? 1) a shepherd of souls, custodian of the truth and the sacraments, protector of the Church against scandalous wolves? 2) a meek, suppliant wether in a herd (the USCCB) that lobbies in Washington for the expansion of the Marxist central government?

Thanks to Kevin Appleby for inadvertently pointing out a major reason that the USCCB is a corrosive, corrupting force in the Church. Aside from liturgical atrocities and rhetorical tricks that kneecapped the pro-life movement, the other principle legacy of Joseph Bernardin is the Church's addiction to taxpayers' money.

As long as Canon 915 is dead letter, the pro-aborts will continue eating the heart out of the Catholic Church in America, with each sacrilegious Communion--purchased from the bishops with government money.

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